Sweet enough already.


know it’s a bit of a bandwagon but I really want to cut the amount of sugar myself and my family have. I am toying with having a week off squash with my boys….they seem to get through a silly amount of Ribena, despite trying to make it weaker and weaker.
Dipped my toe in yesterday, thought giving them their new water bottles in the car might be a winner. Pictured boys gazing out of the window and sipping their water distractedly. Instead I had to pull over as they started singing pitter patter raindrops on loop. Yes they were. And yes, drenched.
I am also wondering if the meltdowns in Dunelm Mill later that afternoon were at least partly due to them not being as hydrated as they could have been. Yes, children will drink enough to survive but enough not to be grumpy….not sure they see the link. As it was I found myself in a situation. I used to think “How could you?” when I saw random items abandoned in random places around a shop. I didn’t know. Sorry. And sorry for the plates that I put on a random shelf when they had to be upgraded to bright red, spotty ones and also for the big pink lampshades abandoned when they’d finished wearing them as some sort of dog flea collar.
Also sorry to my boys for any lasting psychological damage caused by my pretending that a REALLY bad thunderstorm was on the way when trying to get them into the car.  They were both screaming at the trauma of twenty minutes spent in a home store (“Where are the toys?” – them. “There are some furry cushions.” – me.) and couldn’t be reasoned with.  I was seconds away from complete anarchy and escapees.  It really was the only way I could see to get them into the car.  I hope they don’t develop any irrational fear of storms.
And thanks to the lady who said “bless you”, it was nice to know you were rooting for me. Sorry I didn’t have anything free to smile, wave or nod with.
Hideous afternoon but I’ve not given up yet. Yet. And I probably can’t put all (any?) of it down to one too few Ribenas.  Although I still think a sweet, hydrated child is better than a savoury, grumpy one, if only for all of our emotional developments.
Anyway, I’m off to research good sugar and sweetener free drinks for children.  An aside being that I trust sweeteners even less than I trust sugar.  I can’t help but think that the government’s green light / thumbs up for them is based on what is likely to cost the NHS less per year rather than what is best for my individual children.  How a lot of the decisions we are encouraged to make are based on blanket advice, rooted firmly in Economics is probably a rant for another day.  I’ve bought some lemons and I will investigate. I might buy some different drinking cups as well….running water bottles (like Daddy’s) have helped at bedtime just not in the car. Tea cups were bought yesterday for a (hopefully more successful) warm milky tea time drink. It’s all in the planning I hope.  And stealing Ella Woodward’s advice I probably should try and add different drinks to their experiences rather than replace, at first at least. I will be in touch….wish me luck!