As easy as ABCD!


Or ABDC anyway…it’d be too easy if it was ABCD.  Read on for a way to avoid a meltdown.  Well it works sometimes….but in toddler world that means its worth a go right??

For every moment like the one I am about to describe there are ten others – the random pushing over of a random kid in playgroup (what was that about?), the meltdown in the supermarket, the screaming for me to “put the bogies back” when I wipe the same toddler’s nose.  Lets not dwell on this stuff though –  they’re meant to tantrum aren’t they?  My youngest has his 2.5 year check tomorrow and its one of the boxes that needs ticking apparently.  Anyways….I promised you something to try to avoid a meltdown….

I brought two beakers into the lounge and gave them over to my two and three year old.  I was taking a risk;  they had different coloured lids and beakers (I know, I know.  I just like to live on the edge sometimes.)

“Me want that beaker” says my two year old M with a voice that spoke volumes.  A voice that said no messing.

Are you ready for the ABDC bit….

A is for ACKNOWLEDGE…..”You do like pink don’t you.  You have a pink lid with your orange beaker. T has a blue lid and a pink beaker.”

Silence.  Golden.

B is for BUILD UP…..”Wasn’t T kind swapping drinks with you in the restaurant and weren’t you kind sharing your ball with T in the park.”

Still silent.

D is for DISTRACT…..”I like this programme, what are they doing?  Is that a dog? (Insert Father Christmas/flying unicorn etc as appropriate.)”

No reply.

C is for cross fingers.  The clock ticks.  Sanity balances on a precipice.  FREEZE.  M slowly takes a sip from the beaker.  I back out of the room.

Easy as ABCD.  Nearly.


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