Picture Perfect.


So I am new to blogging and prone to wasting what little free time I get with a two and three year old boy.  I wanted (and still want) to start taking my own photos for my blog posts, perhaps with a theme.

In my head are amazing Wallace and Grommit characters, that tell my stories with ease and humour (laugh along with humour, not…you know).   But in my hands I found these.  These and what I think might be mild RSI.

The above was going to be my picture for my post on how a potato helped me “get lucky” and the below (believe it or not) was shaped with my sort of serious positive parenting post in mind.  Hmmmmm not so sure now.  Not quite what was in my head.  So jealous of people that can make, draw, paint, etc what’s in their head.


I think they worsen as you zoom in (funny that) – the picture below was intended for my bit on “Irish Twins” and in particular how my two love to wind each other up.  In ways more sophisticated than I ever expected, especially of a two year old.  Re the models  I repeat Hmmmm.


My favourite and final shot (taken after I fell flat on my face)  is probably me relaxing in a bath for “me, Me, ME“.


So two months in and I’m still looking for photo ideas, still working out how to delete categories (my blog is one crazy, often fruitless maze at the moment – sorry).   I have however learnt to link – but I promise not to keep doing it!

I have loved reading about random funny things along with the specific random funny parenting things and of course it’s reassuring to read about people making similar choices to you.  Even the odd tear has been shed.  I’ve already come away with books I really want to read, things I can’t wait to make (if only I had the talent!), bake, do and think of – so thank you!





11 thoughts on “Picture Perfect.

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, very kind. These plasticine people are hilarious. I think there’s definitely an ‘in joke’ type thing you could do with each post with a plasticine- scene.

    But take heart, everyone’s photography/art/vlogs/writing/whatever they feature is rudementary when they’re first starting out. If you go back far enough on even the biggest blogs (assuming they haven’t deleted it) you’ll find those grainy, dark, badly framed, fuzzy photos you’re not supposed to feature and other blogging no-no’s. It’s all a learning curve!

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    1. Ah thank you! Really appreciate the encouragement and good point – got to start somewhere. It has just become something I enjoy for myself already, need to stop myself from getting addicted!
      Like the plasti-scene idea, although my fingers genuinely hurt a lot this morning so may have to re-think!
      Thanks very much for taking the time to give me such a lovely comment – really appreciate it.

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  2. With a little practice, Wallace and Grommit will emerge 🙂 I’m attempting something similar but I’m using my son’s Lego characters. I can attest that it’s not easy!

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