Wanted. Comma Expert.


I read it.  I insert commas when I pause.  I publish.  I read it again.  I pause at the commas.  It sounds wrong.  I move said commas.  I read it again.  I update.  I check it again.  It sounds wrong.  The commas are in the wrong place.  Again.  I can’t do commas.

Do I need to be musical?  Am I missing something upstairs?  Is it because I’m Mathsey?  Can it be learned?  Can I get better?

Do I need to just use. Really. Short. Sentences.

Is it linked to a childhood memory of being told off for not using commas? (By the same teacher who told me off when I innocently told her that I was going to write about monkeys instead of swings when I had been struggling to find “swings” in the dictionary.  Don’t worry, I’m over it.)

Thanks for listening.  And thanks for any help! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



2 thoughts on “Wanted. Comma Expert.

  1. I used to worry about this a lot. But then I started to look at it differently in that when I write, I tend to try and write in my own “voice”. So I write as if I am speaking aloud. Does that make sense? I don’t think anyone is scrutinising your use of commas too closely, to be honest. Your content is so good on its own that it would be ridiculous for readers to get hung up on whether or not that comma should go there or THERE ;). X

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    1. Thanks a lot for this, and yes definitely makes sense. I think I might have to start talking to myself while I type (like my blogging doesn’t annoy my husband enough!). I think you’re a bit of a grammar natural though, but I’ll give it a go and cross my fingers. Thanks also for content comment, not sure about that but it gave me a warm glow so I’ll take it!

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