What I’m trying to do…

I am aiming for a collection of things to try with your kids (and my kids who are 2 and 3). From the little silly things that make everyone laugh to the big things that matter and help them develop (and hopefully provide some laughs along the way).

I am new to blogging and have just realised that I need to keep it simple and snappy as having two small boys is not conducive to writing long blog posts, and I figure you are probably in a similar boat.

Please follow me if you want to share strategies that help with behaviour or things that keep children busy and learning.  And most importantly ideas and methods that will help to turn our children into happy, well adjusted and caring adults.  Or if you just like a chat!  Or the occasional rant/ponder.

Or if you enjoy the ramblings of somebody trying to do her best whilst sometimes feeling like she is struggling to cope.  There is something for everyone.  Sort of.

I feel a bit about parenting and indeed blogging like I did about teaching when I started my career over 15 years ago; “This is amazing, surely everyone wants to be doing this.”  Shortly followed by “Crikey* I’m knackered.”

I hope to virtually meeting you soon 🙂

*insert your own


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